Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stoking The Fires Of Industry

We shoveled coal all night. Well, let us explain by taking you with us, into an intimate, and uniquely "Steward" evening:

It started with a team meeting, good food (homemade Italian with real Italians!), good company, solid planning and sad "goodbye's" and a nice walk home in the rain. It then went downhill when we got confirmation that the containers we had purchased last month would not serve us well for the move, and the realization that we had only a few days to order new ones, take delivery and get packed.

The Internet was cranked up (as one slightly out of touch relative says "I have an OnLine") and several hours and many (notice the variance of meaning between "several and many") hundreds of dollars later, we have everything ordered...Totes and locks. Our biggest concern is the delivery of the totes. We are hoping the "3-5 business days" means a "week from today". If that works the way it should, we will have 3 days to pack...if not....another "squeak".
The amazing thing is all this fuss and money is spent to keep people from stealing our stuff in transit. Maybe it would be easier to just go without locks and totes and take the loss?

After going to bed in the wee hours,we had just dropped off when the phone started ringing... with the East Coast vendors we had ordered our supplies from. They wanted shipping address/billing address confirmations etc. I had the unexpected opportunity to chat with some "really wide awake" East Coasters. I am now turning the phone off.

Bottom line?...All is well...I will now take a nap.

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Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World