Monday, August 21, 2006

Silk Road Expedition 07

A colleague of mine who writes a local Turkish column sent me these words today, “Cannot write, it is too hot to write”. That may explain the absence of my wandering wit. I have much to say…but it doesn’t seem important once I put it to pen. So, during these debilitating doldrums our postings may be somewhat on the lean side. We request your patience and pity.

Route Planning with a Friend from the Taurus Range

Nevertheless, I am committed to rally my forces today and send you a bit of news that has us looking east. Some time ago we had the thought of traversing the continent of Asia, specifically, traveling overland from Istanbul to the interior of China via the Silk Road. That is, after all…why we moved here. After months of dialogue our plans are firming up for an attempt to make this cross continent journey in the spring of 07….just 8-9 months from now.
We are scheduling 6-12 weeks to make the crossing and are deciding now whether to attempt to drive ourselves or travel by means of train, bus, hitch hiking, and trekking. This will be our first Silk Road Expedition to gather information on the people, tribes, and cultures of those who live along the Rooftop of the World.
With political pressures and presumptions pin wheeling as they do, this journey is certainly not going to be completed as planned. Even today, the mill of international grist is grinding different wheat. Visa regulations and restrictions have changed several times in the past few hours in countries that are on our agenda. Our task will be to head east weaving our way up and down and side to side to find our way across Asia.
We are looking for a great name for this journey (and the ones to follow). If you have something that tweaks our compass in the way of an nostalgic and exotic moniker, drop us a line…if we use your suggestion you will acquire fame and the prize of a lifetime…your own copy of one of my favorite tomes on the Silk Road.

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Our Family said...

Hey guys, it was good to see you on Skype again. Stanley, I missed you! Maybe I'll get to see you next time. Elle, It was so great to be able to see your beautiful face again. I shared the feelings Shawn had as he kept trying to reach you for a hug. Ann, it was so wonderful to see you again and to hear your voice. Stan, yes indeed, an extraordinary haircut. (Tee hee!)
We love you guys and are glad you're able to be in your new place. From the little I could see it was very nice.
Love and Misses, Brenda

Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World

Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World