Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Window on the World

Looking Down

After seeing the cleaning lady in the next building out on the ledge cleaning windows (4 floors up), a few weeks ago, Stanley had to have his go at it today. Everything was great until he stood up and looked behind him...and then down. After that he decided he could clean just as well sitting on the ledge instead of standing. Then he thought he would be a better "inside spotter" while Ann cleaned on the ledge.

Mopping Up

It doesn't matter how high up the apartment is, to get the windows really clean the women have to get out on the ledge and scrub the windows with soap and a brush and then squeegee it dry. I saw an "80'something" out on a 10th floor ledge the other day scrubbing away. The upside is if she fell to her death, her family would have a "Windex Clear" window, to view granny's flight. Someone once said, "its not the fall that hurts...Its the sudden stop at the end".
We have been here almost 10 weeks now and we impressed our neighbors by getting to the windows today. For an hour Ann and Stanley had an audience of women leaning out on their balconies to see the action.
Even now as I write this column (sitting Turkish style...cushions on the floor),I have an audience. Twenty feet from our livingroom window is an adjacent apartment building with a window facing us. A white sheet covers the window, but the curious mistress of the house keeps peeking through the side of the sheet at the "Yabanci"... Me, the foreigner.
Our Curious Friend's Window

I catch her movement out of the corner of my eye every few minutes, sometimes she lingers and is bold, other times she glances out quickly before disappearing again. I haven't acknowledged her curiosity because it would humiliate her.
So...Here I sit on the Far Side of the World; I'll continue to write...she'll continue to peek...and life will go on in Istanbul.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just got back from Istanbul yesterday--on my trip to Kadikoy, I thought I'd perhaps run into you, but even though I looked around to see if I could spot you, but no success.

When you get a chance, take a trip to Anadolu Kavagi (ferry from Sariyer) and walk up to the old castle. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Stan and family ... it is morning here in San Diego ... My dad and I were talking about you this morning and we both agree ... we really admire you guys for following your dream. Most of us just have dreams, but never turn them into reality. But you had the courage to move away from your usual comfort zone and make your dream come true. Way to go, Stewarts! My dream has always been ... to graduate from college. I am 58 years old and yesterday I registered at a college in town. By faith I will graduate! You have inspired me to follow my dream!
PS: I tried to start a blog but just don't know how to do it so will write this way. Hope that is ok.

Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World

Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World