Saturday, July 15, 2006

Going In

Kitchen Sink...(Next to the Big Crack)
Welcome to our new show: "The Lifestyles of the Far and Wandering"...a bit different from those who make their living creating warm, aesthetically energizing, and pursposefully peaceful interior living spaces.....Huh?
This is our new flat, the previous tenants left in a rush and we took these pics before beginning work. We have just a few weeks to get this place out of the Petri dish and into shape for us to move into. The location is great, the rent is reasonable, and other than being pretty beat up...we think we can tweak (Ok..."Tweak" is a bit weak) it back into "Early Nomad". That suits us well.

Soap Anyone?
Our Own Science Experiment

Ok...forgive the sarcasm. We really are upbeat about this place. For starters it's indoors, and has water, and heat. That alone puts us in the top 6% of the World's population. A bit of bleach, a lot of muscle and Martha Stewart will be begging for a tour. In case you don't hear from us for a few know where we are and what we will be doing (can you mix bleach with Roundup)?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Soon it will be home.

Be encouraged: I managed apartments for 22 years and I have seen a whole lot worse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nomads,
I was talking to a lady, who has managed apartments for years and she said she has seen worse! Oh, my!
I had a "dream" last night, where I saw you in a cave. I got up this morning and read the title: going in .... it gave me goose bumps. I am sooo glad that you are not in a cave! You see, things could be worse.
Anyway, just wanted to say that my dad and I talk about you all the time. We wish the best of everything for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

The apartment doesn't look too bad--yes, I've seen worse here in California (don't get me started on those cockroaches!). I'm sure you'll have it in good shape in no time.

And NO, please don't mix bleach and Roundup. That said, please don't mix bleach with anything but, well, bleach!

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Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World