Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Other Place on Earth

The Park Out My Window

Twenty-two years ago we lived in a small secluded cabin in the mountains of Southern California overlooking a little blue lake surrounded by pines. To most, the little one bedroom cottage would have been suitable only for seasonal use...but to this day it remains as one of our fondest recollections and our all time favorite home. At Lake Cuyamaca each year the air would take on a distinct "quality" once fall arrived...and there would be a crispness and clarity to the air that signaled the onset of winter and our favorite season.
That same quality has come upon us quickly here in Istanbul these last few days. The nights have turned cold, the air is clear, folks are bundling up and the trees seem to be caught by surprise. I don't have a lake view out my window, but with Istanbul just a step away...there is no place on earth we would rather be.
Colors Poking Through

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Anonymous said...

We talk often, and so much recently as fall arrived here, about your little Cuyamaca 'cottage'. The twins never knew it but ask a zillion questions about our visits there. Thanks for the memories WE have from your mountain home. We still display Armoth's Herb Vinegar on our kitchen countertop as a reminder of those we love. We're so happy for you that you're loving Turkey. We miss you. Bren.

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Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World