Friday, September 21, 2007

Chow Down and Giddy Up

With Ramazan just 8 days old we are fasting then feasting to excess. While this time of year is about denying the flesh and focusing on Allah, it seems that the celebratory spirit of the holiday leads to extreme epicurean indulgence.
Most evenings the doors in our apartment block are open just before Iftar (the main meal of the day signaling the breaking of the day's fasting) and housewives and neighbors are visiting and bringing samples of their evening meal to share. The smells, laughter and greetings that waft thru the air are contagious and ring with holiday cheer and exuberance.
This week we have hosted or have been hosted at a full house for the last 4 evenings...and we are now off to another home for this evening's Iftar. I had hoped that my "heft" would benefit from this year's Ramazan but that hope faded on day one.
Consider the prospect having a full Thanksgiving dinner every night with all the festivity, special dishes and visiting coupled with the merriment, desserts, special songs and dances...for 30 days in a row and you will get the picture.
Being bi-cultural does have its perks for our own American holiday season will arrive just weeks after Ramazan ends...Giddy Up.

Waiting for Iftar

At a Friend's Iftar Spread

At Home with Our Istanbullu Family

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Living, Traveling, and Wandering on the Far Side of the World